Friday, January 20, 2012

What I Learned

So, I mentioned I had a rough day. Here's what happened. I had my 90 day evaluation at work. They decided to not continue my employment. I am okay with that decision. I was leaning in that direction myself.

I learned some things from working there. I can't anything specific without risking libel. But what I will say is this:
I re-learned the type of bosses that I work well for and the ones I don't.
I need to remember that when being interviewed for a job, that I am also interviewing the employer.
I learned that if I don't make a connection with someone, I should just stop trying and not force the connection.

The questions I have for myself is:
What is my dream job?
Do I stay in my field or try something different?

I don't have answers yet, but I hopefully will soon.
Now - I need to dust off the resume, again, and start thinking about my future.


  1. OMG, You have had a rough day. Stay positive! You are a smart, wonderful person...and I am not saying that because you are my beautiful neice...well maybe a little because your my neice; but it's all true. wish I was able to give you a BIG HUG.

  2. Replies
    1. Sounds like you learned quite a bit! Training ground for the next interview and possible dream job!