Thursday, June 19, 2008


When I was a child, there was a mulberry bush on the way to the pool. When dad would take me to the pool, we would walk by the mulberry bush. On the way home, he would let me eat as many as I wanted.

If you are familiar with mulberries, when squished, the juice will turned your skin purple. I would come home with a purple mouth, purple hands, arms and probably purple all over, head to toe.

Dad would proceed to walk into the house and mom would come out of the house and hose me off before I could come in.

Well, I took Gemini, my greyhound, to the vet yesterday. As the vet was examining his paws, she asked what the mark on his paw was. It was too purple to be blood, she says. I flashed back to childhood, then remembered there is a mulberry bush in my neighborhood. Gemini stepped on some mulberries and stained his paw!

There is now no denying this is my dog!