Monday, June 28, 2010

Early this morning, Gemini passed away in his sleep. We spent hours at the emergency vet Saturday and they weren't able to give me a diagnosis and his symptoms weren't jiving with the blood work and test results. After ruling out many thing, I decided to take him home to keep him calm, on pain meds and then take him to my vet today. Sadly, he didn't make it.

Gemini was the first dog I ever owned. All the mistakes of dog ownership that could be made, I made on Gemini. But despite all of that, he turned out to be relatively well mannered, most of the time. He was my heart dog.

The only time I ran him in the Blur of Fur, he stopped in the middle and took a whiz. All I could do was laugh, cuz that was my Gemini.

He greeted everyone he saw, whether they wanted to be greeted or not. He was my needle nose moose, my gemstone, my buddy, and the sweetest pup I ever met.

I'm going to miss that big boy.