Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angie and I

Angie has been my best friend for going on 20 years now. We decided a few years back to get matching tattoos, to commemorate. Well, during my trip home last weekend, we did it. We have both been inked before and went to the one place we trusted: Liquid Courage.

They do only custom work, and they are AWESOME! The idea started out as small tats on our toes, maybe an infinity symbol or something.
Then we decided to go with something on our hips. Still relatively small, the size of a quarter or golf ball. We did some research and found lillies were a symbol for friendship, so we decided to go with calla lilies. The artist, Jeremy, drew up the design. It was a bit larger than a quarter. But, to shrink it down, we would have lost detail and we both loved it. We had two tattoo artist tattooing us at the same time. We have the exact same design, the colors are just a bit different. It is so us! It hurt like hell, but it was so worth it! Here is a pic of the final product:

(BTW, I'm not the skinny one!)

Thank you Jeremy and John at Liquid Courage! You did awesome!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

time for an update....

I was informed recently that I haven't updated my blog for a while, and I just looked and it has been almost 2 months! Oh my!!!

Well, my mom did come and stay for a month to help clean the house. I started out by calling her Rosario, after Karen's maid from "Will and Grace". By the end of the trip, I was threatening to send her to Mexico City if she broke anything else!

On day 4 of her being here, my washer broke while she was using it. Now, my washer is upstairs. She didn't notice that the overflow pan was overflowing and ran 2 more loads. Yes, 2 more loads.

Water then starts dripping down through my ceiling fan in the living room and down through the vent in the living room.

The next day I called my insurance company and, wow, was I impressed. They had a water remediation team out here that afternoon.

Those are the holes they cut in my ceiling to dry out the ceiling. They had fans going for 4 days.

Then the contractor came out to fix the holes, and fix the laundry room. And the washer repair guy was out to fix the washer.

During this time, I had the privilege of taking mom somewhere she hadn't been in over 40 years, The LAUNDROMAT!!! It truly wasn't the highlight of her trip.
After all was said and done, mom goes into my deep freezer, and finds that most of it has thawed out. What did she break this time???

Turns out the contractors had unplugged it while they were here, but it was more fun to blame mom.

For mom being here a month, we only butted heads a few times. She does NOT like my choice of cleaning products and did not like the way I wanted to clean out my kitchen cabinets.

We also re-landscaped the backyard.

But all in all it was a fun time.

I took mom to the Aquarium and the Coca-Cola museum, and she still can't stop talking about it.

I made her touch a sting ray and the crabs!

The dogs miss her so much. For a whole month, they had company all day long.

But, later this week I leave for a family wedding, so the dogs are going to Camp Kate's and, although they can't understand the concept of future excitement, they will be so happy there!!!

TaTa for now!