Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to catch up

Since my last post, I've been told that I need to keep this blog up to date.

I didn't realize I actually had an audience out there! Well, can't be that many of you, but I do like to hear from you, so please leave me comments so I know you are out there.

Anyways, I will catch you up from the last post (pre-mally) till now.

Before I lost Gemini, I had another Greyhound, Mr. Deeds. Fostered him and then adopted him. I only had him 8 short months before cancer took him.

Before that, In December 2009,I lost my mother to lung cancer. Luckily it was a short battle for her. That's a picture of her last trip to Atlanta. Yes, if you read the blog, it's the trip where I treated her as my maid! UGGGHHH! We both look so bad in that pic! She is going to haunt me for posting it!

Exactly one week after, Heater suffered a stroke and died. I lost many more friends and family in 2010.

But, 2011 was a much better year. I changed jobs. Now I am working for a CPA firm. Back to a "busy season". WOW did I forget just how busy things can get!

So, that brings us to 2012. I am hoping things will be much better this year.

I will do my best to keep this blog up to date. That is one of my resolutions this year. But then again it was one of my resolutions a few years ago, and we see how well I did with that one....

Anyways, again, I love your comments, so please leave them for me.

It will encourage me to post more!

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