Saturday, January 7, 2012

Halo O'Mally - 1 year in his Forever Home!

So - I have neglected this blog for a long, long time. So much has happened, and I don't want to bore you with the details, yet. If I actually start blogging again, I may bore you with the stories, but for now I just wanted to post about Mally!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this "Gotcha Day" I adopted him one year ago.

He is different for the other 3 greys I have had. First - Mally howls, and howls and howls!!!
He is the most vocal greyhound I have ever come across. He is also more "velcro" than any other the others. He doesn't have Separation Anxiety like Heater or Mr. Deeds did. (Oh yeah, never posted about Deeds - I'll get back to that if I start posting again). But, Mally won't let me leave a room without following me.
Also - this is the only greyhound I have had that has actually raced with any success at all! he raced 88 times.
But, Mally is so friendly, just like every greyhound I've met.

So, Happy Gotcha Day Mally - a.k.a. Malikins, Mal, my goof ball, Howly McMalerson.


  1. Happy Gothcha day Halo O'Mally!! You are very special to have such a great care giver. :) She is a very special lady...I am sure you love her as much as we love her. I know she love you too...Love ya Christie.

    P.S I Love to read your blogs


  2. thanks sue! I love you too! Especially since you gave me a tiara for Christmas :)