Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perverted Old Men

WARNING - If you are easily offended, don't read this post.
I'm warning you, it's about a dirty old man and boobs.
Luckily, I am NOT easily offended and can spot pervy old men.

So, here's some background:
When I go to work, I dress professionally, and I don't show skin or cleavage. That being said, there are times that I may have on a new shirt or sweater that may hang differently when I move and I don't realize it until after I wear it.

So, here's the scene:

I'm working in a client's office. I step into the boss's office to review something with him. There is an elderly gentleman in there. The boss says to come on in and he and I discuss the issue. The elderly gentleman joins in with some casual conversation. I take some notes on what the client is telling me. I notice the elderly man hasn't bothered to comb his hair, but I pay little attention to him.

Anyways, the elderly man starts to move in his chair and says he needs to leave and asks me if I can do him a favor. I am thinking he is going to ask me to help him get out of the chair, as he doesn't look very mobile.

I was wrong. He sticks one foot forward and asks me to tie his shoe, stating that if he ties it he will throw out his back. I noticed that the shoe was tied, but it was tied very poorly.

Let me pause here and explain a few things. I know a few perverts (Neil) , I won't call anyone out by name..........
But, I have also seen their tricks. I won't admit to falling for any, but I have seen this trick before. (Bob)

Back to the story, since I am in a client's office, I can't be rude. And it's also not in my nature to be really rude. And, I also can't stand shoes laces tied incorrectly!!!!

Also - I am not quick with the witty comebacks.

So, I knelt down, keeping my back completely straight and brought my knees up against my chest, so there would be NO VIEW WHATSOEVER!

Yeah - the pervy old man was trying to look down my shirt. I knew it, and by the time I was done tying his shoe, he knew that I knew it.

I then went back into the conference room we were working in and shut the door and told the partner what happened. We laughed a bit. I did find it kinda funny. Like I said, I'm not easily offended.

But, I also leaned over the table we were working at to test just how loose the sweater is that I was wearing. And, dangit, I now have to take that new sweater out of rotation for work.

Looks like I need to add a "leaning test" before I leave the house in the morning.


  1. gave that perve a nice show did ya. :) Some men will do anything for a peek.

  2. Sue - did not give the perv an intentional show, and when I did tie his show, there was NO SHOW!!!!

  3. I have to comment on my own post - I told my dad this story tonight and he fussed at me for not giving an old man the pleasure of a flash of my cleavage! Geez - you dirty old men sure stick up for one another!


    OMG… that is so funny!!!! I was dying laughing. I knew you couldn’t resist retying a pair of poorly tied shoes! He probably ties them like that just in case he comes across any well endowed women with loose sweaters.