Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catching Up, Part 2

I knew I forgot to mention something in the last post. It was nagging me all night long.
I forgot to mention the Wedding of the Century! No, it wasn't Will and Kate. It was my best friend Angie and Mike!

Angie's selection of Maid of Honor was stellar! And the Wedding Coordinator couldn't be beat. Well, I am a little biased. The wedding was this past July and I had so much fun planning it, oh I mean helping her plan it. And it was an honor standing by her side as her and her husband took their vows.

The reception wasn't without a little drama, but like a true lady, I handled it all with grace and charm, and everyone had a great time. The wedding was the highlight of the year!

Isn't she a beautiful bride? And her dress is gorgeous! And the wedding cake was AWESOME!


  1. Isn't she a beautiful maid of honor! She is the reason the bride made it through the wedding. A little drama at the reception, it was awesome. I am so incredibly proud to stand by your side, always.
    A friend is such a simple word, you are my confidant, my fiercest supporter,the one who knows just by my hello if something is wrong, we share children, it is good that they have one cool mom(with awesome shoes). Many times you are my sanity, thank you for standing by my side in that beautiful photo and in life. Love you my friend.

    1. Angie - I will always be by your side. Mike knows we are a package deal!
      And - don't worry, shoe posts are coming!
      I love you too!