Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shoe Fetish

I must confess - I have a shoe fetish. I love shoes. For work - I mostly wear heels. I love wearing high heels!

For Christmas, my friend Jodi and I decided to take each other shopping instead of buying each other presents. Well, I still need to take her shopping. But, I picked out a pair of shoes. She ordered them online. And two weeks later, she received a notice that the shoes were no longer in stock! So, today, she re-ordered them in the next size up. Fingers crossed. Hopefully we don't have to wait 2 more weeks to find out I'm not getting my shoes!

I first saw these shoes back in the spring when shopping for a pair to go with the dress I was wearing for Angie's wedding. I saw them online and then I looked all over Atlanta for them and couldn't find them. I wanted silver then. Now, we are trying to order black. It'll match more outfits. I love these shoes!

And yes - Angie's daughter - my love child - has developed my shoe fetish also! I'm so proud!

Here is a pic of our shoes at the wedding:

Sadly, my love child wasn't available for this picture. And - yes, this picture by the photographer (Thanks Lisa) was taken as a special request from me!

When (not if - WHEN!) my new shoes come it - I will most definitely be posting about them! My shoe fetish is bad enough that I could make this whole blog about shoes - but I promise I won't!

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