Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daughter of the Day

My father and I have a great relationship. We joke a lot and laugh a lot and sometimes it is not even at each other.

Growing up, I would often joke that I was his one and only favorite daughter. He would be quick to reply that he knew I was the one and only, but wasn't sure about the favorite. Then he mentioned the imaginary daughters. Damn them!

Just a few years ago, he made some remark about me earning "Daughter of the Day". I made some comment back about having some stiff competition. And then the imaginary daughters reared their ugly heads again.

And so began the "Daughter of the Day" jokes, and rules.

If I do something good, I earn Daughter of the Day.

If I don't piss him off, I earn Daughter of the Day.

If I earn Daughter of the Day for a majority of the week, I earn Daughter of the Week.

If I earn Daughter of the Week for 3 weeks of the month, I earn Daughter of the Month.

And so on....

Then he tells me that the rules can change at any time. And he just makes them up as he goes along.

It took me till August of 2011 to earn Daughter of the year. Did I mention that I am an only child?

I did discover that if I don't talk with my dad for a day, I automatically earn Daughter of the Day. Hmmmm, maybe I should screen more phone calls......

Often, we joke when we talk, "did I just earn Daughter of the Day" and he will say "yup".

I can earn it for little things, like remembering to have whipped cream for the dessert, or pointing out a hot girl for him to check out. (hey, if it's retroactive - I earned Daughter of the Decade for the 2000's for buying him the Girls Gone Wild series in 2005)

Anyways, this Christmas, as a present, Dad gave me a set of Trophies.
The labels are hard to read so:
Daughter of the Moment
Daughter of the Second
Daughter of the Minute
Daughter of the Hour
Daughter of the Day
Daughter of the Week
Daughter of the Month
Daughter of the Year
Daughter of the Decade
Daughter of the Century

2012 started off well - I earned Daughter of the week on the first Sunday night! And so far I've earned Daughter of the Day all 15 days.

Take that you imaginary daughters!


  1. Okay...How about neice of the day, week, month, etc. and all you have to do is smile.

    1. Thanks Sue! You just got Aunt of the day, week month, year etc, yourself!