Tuesday, October 14, 2008

your feet, my feet

There are several questions I often ponder with these hounds. One is how the dog can be walking along and step over a pile of poop with his hind legs, which is 2 1/2 feet behind his nose?

But the same dog, will step on my foot with his front paw on a regular basis?

I really want to have a professional pedicure again. But my toes and feet end up with cuts on them that I don't dare go into a salon and risk infection with open sores. Will I ever have pretty feet again? Am I force to where steel toe boots in the house at all times?

Will the dogs ever learn the difference between my feet and their feet?


  1. Maybe you need to smear something foul smelling on your toes so they will avoid them like poop......OK, so not a great idea :-).


  2. Scrapes and bruises are the "new black"; all the fashionable girls have them. Fashionable girls with greyhounds, anyway!

    Somehow my guys only step on MY feet. Not Garrett's feet. Not the kids feet. Just me.

    Hoover also wags his tail so hard that if I'm wearing shorts and happen to get in his way, my thighs get whip marks. At least I can say my life is never dull!

  3. After reading about Jen's scrape on her blog and this, should we be wondering if we are abused by our dogs? Just kidding. :~} I too get the whip marks on my legs from the over-excited tails at times.
    What we do for our fur-kids!

  4. One word for you: Crocs.

    Ugly as all get out...but stiff and firm and toenail-proof across the tops. I slip mine on as soon as I change clothes after work--over bare feet in warm weather, over thick socks in cold weather. And the soles wash off well in case it's not the dog who missteps. :D

  5. Just feel lucky your hound doesn't bite your feet.

  6. Well, the hounds don't bite my feet, but the cats will sometimes swat at or bite my feet when they are playing.