Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Heater, Gemini and myself and Greyfest

When I did the wordle, I noticed that Heater was not featured as much as Gemini, who has now been nicknamed Whizzer (see the last post). And a few people have also pointed out that Heater isn't featured as much.
Well, in my defense, Heater doesn't pull as many antics as Gemini. But, I shall dedicate this post to Heater.

Heater was bounced from a home in Florida after 9 years. His original foster mom was Laura Parker, who then met the Florida couple to pick Heater up after they gave him up. The Parkers kept Heater for a while until I was able to foster him.

Heater was then adopted but his severe Separation Anxiety kicked in and was bounced again. So, he ended up back here. The SA isn't bad here because he is with another dog all day when I'm gone.

Heater is also known as:

Heater Beater Pumpkin Eater
Heat Beat
The Beat Man
Old Man
Three Toe Wonder
The Florida couple called him Bubba - what a HORRIBLE name for a dog of such a noble breed!

OK - now a few short stories.

When I had my gallbladder out, I had terrible gas. I was belching a lot. Some of the belches may have won belching contests. I'm not proud, it's just a fact and I couldn't help it. Well, I would belch and Heater would come right to me, EVERY TIME!!! I just wonder what the previous owners taught him, especially when they called him Bubba!

The second story happened at Greyfest. I was looking at those cute bags and Heater was next to me. There was a lady standing next to me, and I'm sorry but I didn't get her name. I looked down and him whole head was underneath her skirt! I was so embarrassed! So, to that lady, I am very sorry that my dog acts like a dirty old man! The picture by the way is Heater after he nuzzled in between my legs.

And a picture of the Old Man snuggled with a toy sleeping

This was taken before I adopted him, when he was still a foster. He already knew he was here to stay. Thank you everyone for allowing Heater into my life.


  1. I feel the same way about Katie. There is not always very much to post about her.... which is probably a good thing (I don't want any health issues).


  2. Three Toe Wonder? That's hilarious!

    I'm so glad Heater wound up with you...a nice fellow like him should not have to spend his entire life being called Bubba!

  3. I just looked at the tag counts on my blog. 98 tags for Sam; 85 for Jacey. That's not too bad an imbalance considering that I've had Sam three and a half years longer than I've had Jacey.

    Of course, since Sam is nuts, there should be more of an imbalance than that.

  4. LMAO! Dirty old man, that is hilarious! I saw Heater on Saturday, you were talking and Laura and I meant to tell you how good I thought he looked! He looked so happy, some things are just meant to be.

  5. Thank you Denise - I think he is looking pretty good. I wish I could have met you!