Monday, October 27, 2008

Techie Girl's Latest Obsession

I've become a bit of a techie lately. I have never been one to have to have the latest technology. I usually wait until others have it for a while, all the bugs are worked out and it's no longer "bleeding edge". I was actually accused of being a gamer today. Still unsure of how to react to that one......

Well, that changed last week. I've been wanting a new phone. I've had iPhone envy and Blackberry envy for a while. I have T-mobile and searched their available phones and there was not anything that had everything I wanted, until just recently. They came out with the G-1.

So, I pre-ordered it, it was delivered the day before it was released to the general public and I have been playing with it obsessively ever since!

I can check my e-mail on it, I can browse the web, it has google maps and GPS, games and tons of fun stuff. And I can make phone calls too!

Ok, enough of the blogging, I have to play with my phone some more......


  1. I think the iPhones have crack in them. It seems to be a nation wide addiction.

  2. I agree! I'm totally addicted and can't help myself. I may end up in re-hab.

    But, with this phone I can read everyone's blog, I'm so excited!