Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Kitty Mom

I have had Lucky, my cat since 1999. Found her as a stray, the vet had estimated her age then to be between about 3 and 4 years old. Of the four animals in the house now, she has been here the longest, and I let her rule the roost. She is the reason no dogs are allowed on the furniture, I want her domain and the other cat, Reily's domain, to remain intact.

Shortly after I first got Lucky (sounds a bit dirty doesn't it?) I was working in a CPA firm and the first tax season rolled around. That means 14+ hour days. I let Lucky develop a bad bad habit of drinking out of the sink faucet. I don't know if I didn't keep her water bowl clean enough for her or what I did, but to this day, she does not drink out of her own water bowl. The dog's water bowl is good for her and sink faucets are good.

She will come into the bathroom with me every morning and meow at me till I turn on the faucet for her.

She has also taught this to the other cat Reily.
By the way, for those that grew up in the 80's, Lucky is named after the cat in the TV show ALF.


  1. I loved ALF! Glad this lucky doesn't have to worry about getting eaten.
    It has been proven that cat's prefer to drink from running water. I cannot remember where so I can reference this for you, sorry. But you aren't a bad kitty mom, Lucky is just being a typical kitty.

  2. That's VERY cute! I didn't realize that cats liked drinking running water, but I'd love to see that sometime. I guess I'll have to do an experiment with the neighbor's kitties. :-)