Friday, October 10, 2008

Being sick with the dogs

The rule in this house is no dogs on the furniture. The reason behind it because the furniture is the cats domain and when I first got Gemini, I wanted the cats to keep their areas so they would still feel safe.

I have had to retrain Heater to stay off the furniture. I know that consistency is key when training. When I am away, both dogs are put in my bedroom. I have found evidence that Heater gets on my bed. There isn't much I can do about it since I am not there and can't catch him in the act.

I've been down with a migraine for the last 3 days and must give kudos to these dogs. They have behaved very well and were not their normal needy selves, for the most part.

Yesterday afternoon, I was napping in bed. I heard heard Heater start to whine a bit., in my drug induced state, I fell right back asleep. Next thing I know, Heater is on the bed with me. I think I tried to tell him to get down, which is the command for laying down, so he plops his bony butt next to me. I was really sweet that he wanted to snuggle. I love to snuggle with the animals. But, by the time he became comfortable, his bony butt and spine were against my back and I was being pushed off the bed. I guess my nap time was over. Luckily the headache is just about over also.

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  1. It's funny how these animals tend to know when we aren't feeling so good! It's a natural instinct for them, I think. Hope you are feeling better soon!