Sunday, July 27, 2008

More signs?

Today is Heater's (my current foster) birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATER BEATER!

Sign 1:
Yesterday a couple came over to meet him and potentially adopt him. Of course they fell in love, who doesn't fall in love with this beautiful sweet hound. Well, their grey didn't care for Heater too much. And, very understandable, they must take care of their greyhound first and foremost. So, Heater is still chilling with Gemini and me.

Sign 2:
I'm playing at and looked up Heater's race record. (BTW - no races) Well, I clicked on his sire - and his sire raced at Bluffs Run. Which is the track that I would go to growing up, which is where I fell in love with the bred!

I holding to my timeline of after my surgery, if Heater is not adopted, I will make the decision THEN. But, Heater my have already the decision to stay.

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