Monday, February 6, 2012


Those of you that know me well, you know that I hate Valentine's day.
Yes, it is because I am single. Ironically, the years that I have been in a relationship, Valentine's day was worse than being single.

I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Over the years, I have come to call February 14th "Evil Day".

As Evil Day approaches, I do a few things to prepare myself. This coming week, I will be watching horror flicks. The Shining and the Exorcists are good stand by's.

On Evil Day itself, I will wear all black. My best friend back home, Angie, wears all black also. She hates the day as much as I do, and we show solidarity by wearing all black.

The other thing I do, and have done for the last 7 or 8 years, is create a "mixed tape" for myself. Angie receives a copy of it each year also. It is called "Anti-Valentines CD".

Side note - last years CD did not go out until this year. Since we were planning Angie's wedding, it didn't seem appropriate to send her a copy.

Some of the songs are cheeky fun songs that just 'dis' on love in general. Some songs are about true broken hearts.

This year, Angie's daughter - my "love child" Alex, also received a copy, of both last year's and this year's CD. Alex is now 16, and Angie and I both feel she is ready to learn about love and it's ups and more importantly, it's downs. The child has been through a few, and maybe these CD's will help in the future.

Tonight, Angie and Alex received their copies. Through Facebook, I got a smiley face, so I assume she liked it!

So - if you hate Valentine's day like me - pull out your black clothing and put together your own mixed CD of anti-valentine's day songs!


  1. Valentines day is like any other of the economically capitalistic holidays. The sun rises; the sun sets.

    Many flowers and gestures of love are given without much in the way of true intentions. Pretentiousness comes to mind...

    It is after all, just another day.

  2. I do not usually comment on this blog but today I will, to: anonymous, perhaps I should introduce myself, I am the Angie so often referred to in these posts. I am the best friend who is not nearly as nice as Chris. If your opinion truly mattered to Chris or myself you would post your name, Pretentious, Seriously, who the hell are you, yes it is just another day but it is a day that my friend and I choose to celebrate together in whatever way we want. Pretentiousness comes to mind.... So be it.

  3. To my Best Friend Chris, Happy Evil Day! I wore my black clothing with pride and listened to my cds all day. Went for a cruise just so I could hear them all, it was like you were in the car with me, laughing and having a great time, I miss you, I love you, talk to you in the a.m. Angie

  4. I also wore all black, watched 2 horror movies and hid out in my house all day on Evil day and had my Anti-Valentine play list going in the background almost all day long!

    I love you too Angie!