Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tomorrow, July 27 will be Heater's 12th Birthday.
Friday, July 31st, will be Heater's 1st "Gotcha Day" for me.
For those you reading, us people owned by greyhounds are a bit obsessive about our hounds. We will celebrate things such as birthdays and adoption days.

We have a language of our own, that include words like zoomies and stuffies.

For a senior dog who never raced, Heater can do zoomies as well as Gemini. Around the couch they go, when they stop, nobody knows.
Heater bounced out of a home of nine years and come to me as a foster. Senior dogs can be hard to place, but he was only here for a few weeks then was adopted. I didn't cry, a lot anyways. A foster mom is suppose to prepare the dog for the new forever home.
That adoption didn't work out and after about 6 weeks, he bounced again and came back to my home. He was here that time for about a month without any interest.
A greyhound couple came to look at Heater to add to their brood. Heater growled at their dog! I had never heard such a thing (up till that time anyways) from him. It was that day I decided to adopt the old man.
What I didn't know was that Heater had already decided he was here to stay!

Since then, he has become my "dirty old man". At GreyFest last year, I was busy looking at something at a booth and looked down. Heater had his head UP A WOMEN'S SKIRT!!!!!

Now, just about every morning, to get my attention as I am getting ready for work, he tries to lift my skirt up. Don't let that innocent face fool you......
He can be a bit of a butt head!

It is hard to believe a whole year has come and gone. I love my little Heat-Beat, Beaterman, Old Man, Heater-Beater, BeatMan, Butthead, Nuzzle Butt.

He does have some separation anxiety issues, which makes him whine for attention. But, with Gemini's company, and his favorite stuffie, he does ok.

Happy Birthday Heater!


  1. Happy Birthday BigBoy!Our big fellow does the same and also loves to put his nose in my pockets.