Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camp Kate's

I've been home for a week now, and Gemini and Heater have finally recovered from a week at Many Hounds Inn - a.k.a. "Camp Kate's".

For those of you familiar with SEGA, you've heard of Many Hounds Inn. For the other readers, it is a kennel that houses just Greyhounds, and Kate does a wonderful job taking care of the dogs.

The dogs come home worn out and tired. I have to wake them up to go outside!

Kate even sends home pics! Gemini is the one in the front of the pack - causing all the trouble, I'm sure. And only Heater's posterior is showing here!

And, during this doggy vacation - Gemini (the one in the Mickey ears) found himself a girlfriend! (I'm sorry, Kate told me the bitch's name, but I forgot!)

As you can tell, Gemini is trying to act cool, even licking his lips!

I can't thank Kate enough for having her place. It is incredible, the dogs come home well taken care of and so happy.

As a matter of fact, when I arrive to pick them up, Gemini greets me and then goes right back into his kennel and lays down. Kate tries to tell me that it's because he is scared of the car ride (which is true) but I know the truth. . . he'd rather stay at Camp Kate's than come home. Who can blame him!!!

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