Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fireplace works!

So, my fireplace hasn't worked all winter long! And this wasn't the winter for the fireplace not to work!!!

So, today when the Heating and Air guy was here doing the annual maintenance, I had him take a quick look, and neither one of us knows what happened, some wires got jiggled (by the way, "jiggled" is a very technical term), and low and behold, the fireplace is back on! YIPPEE!!!

So, Gemini is thoroughly enjoying it!!!


  1. Another nap picture - we greythounds really know how to live it up :--)

  2. That is one "cozy" picture. Gee, now I don't know if I should wish for spring, or one more blast of winter, so you can use get a little more use of your fireplace.

  3. Being in the cable industry I would have to agree, "jiggled" is so a technical term.
    Gemini does look cozy! What? Heater was too hot for the fireplace?