Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been meme'd

I've been meme'd by to list six things you don't know about me.
This is off the cuff, so here it goes!

Six things you don't know about me.......

1. I am very shy. I've worked hard over the years to fake it so I can appear confident, but if I'm in a room of people, I tend to stick around just the ones I know well. I am so envious of the people that can make small talk and "work the room" because I'm way to nervous to do that.

2. Dead bodies, remains, and ashes FREAK ME OUT!!!! It is one of my few true fears. When my Grandfather died, one of my cousins had a really sweet idea of all the grandchildren splitting up his ashes and taking back to are various locations around the country and spreading them. Well, it took a bottle of wine (or three) and a very good friend for me to be able to even open the bag the ashes were in, let alone release them in the ocean.

3. I had an ex-boyfriend stalk me. Dated him in high school into college, and he would not leave me alone after I broke up with him. I was never hurt or anything. It was before any stalking laws were in effect, so not much I could do about it. It stopped when I moved, so no worries now!

4. I cheated on the Meyers-Briggs personality test in junior high! I wanted to be a photographer and knew that required creativity. So, I answered all the questions as if I was the person I wanted to be instead of the person I was. I still dabble in photography, but I quickly learned I didn't have the talent to make a living, so I went into accounting, where being creative can get a person in some serious trouble.
I've since retaken the Meyers-Briggs test two other times, and answered honestly, and the test is fairly accurate. I forget my letters though....

5. I wish I could be more spontaneous. I have to plan, plan, plan. EVERYTHING! It's tough for me to just let go, to go with the flow. I'm working on it. But it's just part of my personality.

6. I have 2 tattoos. One is a small daisy, about the size of a dime, on one of my toes. That one is visible and when I wear sandals people can see it, so it's not really a secret. The other one was my last fling with non-conformity! It's a fish, not visible when I wear clothing, and I will leave it at that!

So, there you go. Six things you didn't know about me. I know a few people may already know these things (Angie and Jodi), but their payments are in the mail to kept there mouths shut about the rest. Just kidding!

7. BONUS - I'm still on a hijacked connection so if I don't respond it is because I still don't have internet and it got too cloudy to use a neighbor's connection.

I'm going to tag Gerry. After all the fantastic reporting at Elle! trial, (see ) she needs to reveal something about the reporter!


  1. I love your toe tat. I'm planning on getting my first in november - greyhound related of course.

    Freaking out about dead bodies seems pretty normal - but stealing internet, now that's just plain crazy!

  2. I love the lil' toe tat it's so cute, at first I thought it was just part of your sandal!

    Hah, guess you wouldn't like my latest necklace - Memory glass with my beloved Spooky's ashes... but I kinda know what you mean, I can wear the necklace, but haven't picked up the canister of her ashes nor did I collect them for the necklace- Matt had to do that for me...