Sunday, November 23, 2008


If money was no object, what would I do?

1. I've been reading everyone else's memes on this and the running theme is obviously the greyhounds and SEGA. Which is no surprise being that I read the SEGA blog ring! So, SEGA gets a chunk of money!

2. I would build a nice house so I would be comfortable, my current animals would be comfortable and the future animals would be comfortable. The house would be on a huge amount of land, and I would have a stupid amount of fun decorating it! It would have everything I've ever wanted in a house. And since the holidays are coming up - I would want a double oven! The kitchen would be huge! The master bedroom would have a sitting room off to the side that would be actually be the dog's bedroom. And of course I would have a maid to clean the house and the litter box!

3. I would have a condo on a beach, one in New York and one in Vegas. That's just a start, maybe add more as I travel.

4. Of course, I will take care of my family and friends. But, being a CPA, I will do it in such a way that there are no tax consequences, so it may not be stupid amounts of money all at once, but they will be taken care of...

5. I would probably have a little work done on myself. Nothing to extreme. I have always hated my teeth, but to have them fixed is purely cosmetic, so not covered by insurance, so would be done. I don't know about any other work, but who knows.

6. Travel. I want to see the world. I would start with Prague. I am part Czech and have seen Travel Channel specials on Prague and that is on the top of my list. I'll probably hang out there and travel through Europe with the dogs while my house is being custom built.

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